The enemy can't take away your voice, your love, your calling or your loved ones and tonight I give you a prayer to make sure you stay strong against being attacked.

My sweet friend Sherman sends about 20 people a prayer everyday.  I'm honored to be one of those on the list.  So many times I'll be having a morning, and I get his text, and after reading his message my day turns around on a dime.  These daily prayers are deep and very powerful.

I'm not sure where Sherman gets these messages so I'm not sure who to credit for the joy they give me.  I'm just thankful Sherman shares these notes of inspiration on a daily basis.

A few days ago, he sent one that I felt was speaking to me and me only.  You know how sometimes you need to be at the right place and at the right time for something to sink in?  Well I was!  The prayer that morning hit me so hard that I instantly felt like the universe was saying to me that I wasn't the only one that needed to hear it.  So I've decided to share it with all of you.



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