The KTDY Secret Sound started on November 2, and we finally have our first winner!

Some of the guesses: a paper cutter; someone dragging a trash can; someone opening a trash can, someone putting wood into a trash can; someone trying to start a car; someone trying to start a boat; opening a garage door; opening a sliding car door; a shovel scraping across the pavement. Which one was correct? None of the above!

Cissy Benoit knew what the answer was, and she was VERY excited to learn she was correct!

Cissy picked up $3,069 for knowing the answer! Thanks to Spa Mizan on Kaliste Saloom for sponsoring the KTDY Secret Sound.

Be sure to stay tuned for more of the Secret Sound contest, and download the KTDY App for reminders and hints as to what the sound might me!

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