Sometimes the truth hurts.

LSU Women's Basketball Coach Kim Mulkey was very critical about the basketball arena on the campus of LSU.

During a recent speech at the Baton Rouge Rotary Club meeting, which was held in Tiger Stadium, Mulkey said it's time to either renovate the Pete Maravich Assembly Center on campus or tear it down.

Coming off a National Championship victory for LSU she said, “That thing is 48-years old. You can’t grab a rail without holding onto somebody."

For years many have been critical of the condition of the PMAC and some renovations have been done, still the building is dated and Mulkey makes a valid point.

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The PMAC is the home to the LSU Men's and Women's Basketball teams, gymnastics, and volleyball teams. The arena on the campus of LSU  has also been the home for many concerts through the years.

Still, you can see that building has aged, and perhaps it is time to start over. With that said, fans often have trouble letting go of stadiums or arenas, but maybe it is time.

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After all, we've seen many iconic stadiums and arenas throughout the country demolished, however, the memories in those buildings live on.

As you may expect fans have expressed mixed feelings on social media and message boards about Coach Mulkey's words about the PMAC.

The doors to the building opened in 1972.


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