TIL: Today I Learned

Today I learned that KATC TV3 popularized the term "Acadiana", referring to the now-recognized 22-parish area in Southwest Louisiana.

According to Wikipedia, a Crowley newspaper, the Daily Signal (now the Crowley Post Signal), used the term in the mid-1950s, referring to Acadia Parish. But it was KATC TV3, in the 1960s, who used the term to name its viewing area, which tremendously broadened the scope of its meaning/reference.

The Wiki entry goes on to say that TV3 was owned by the Acadian Television Corporation and, one day in the 1960s, they received an invoice on which someone had inadvertently added an "A" to the name, bringing "Acadian Television Corporation" to "Acadiana Television Corporation".  The rest, as they say, is history.

KATC Logo, Facebook photo
KATC Logo, Facebook photo

And the rest of that history includes the Louisiana State Legislature (Resolution 496) officially declaring the 22-Parish area "The Heart of Acadiana" in 1965, and the official Acadian Flag (designed by USL professor Thomas Arceneaux in 1965) being adopted (again, by resolution) in 1974.

Now you know a little more history about Acadiana!


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