A local artist and entertainer (and KTDY's unofficial official clown!) is in need of our help!

Renee Ramsey Domingue, also known as "Jingles the Clown", has been entertaining Acadiana for many years. Painting faces, walking on stilts, showing off her llama - Jingles brings smiles to faces of all ages at events all over the south.

Facebook/Jingles the Clown
Facebook/Jingles the Clown

Many local artists and entertainers are self-employed and do not have the opportunity for affordable health care. When serious health issues arise, it's not easy for them to get the help they need.

Jingles must undergo a necessary ankle surgery to remain able to walk. Her very livelihood is at stake if she does not have this surgery, so that's why Cajun Harley-Davidson is hosting a fundraiser to help.

A taco cook-off will be taking place on Saturday, August 19th specifically to raise money for Jingles. Cajun Harley is looking for teams to cook for the event. (Soft tacos, hard tacos, beef, chicken, seafood, wild game, vegetarian; chef's choice!)

If you are interested in helping out by cooking, please contact Randy Hopper at 337-289-3030, or randy@cajunhd.com

Jingles has been making Acadiana smile for many years, now it's our turn to help her.


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