It's no secret we in Louisiana truly love that chicken from Popeyes. Have you ever noticed that there's no comma to the top though? The grammatically correct spelling should be "Popeye's", but like most things from Louisiana, there's always a great story behind the things we do.

Popeyes was started by Al Copeland, who we all know was quite a character. Known for his over the top lifestyle, he pretty much embodied the uniqueness that is New Orleans and South Louisiana. One thing you might not know, however, is that Popeyes was NOT named after the cartoon character. Popeyes is actually named after Gene Hackman’s character from "The French Connection", Popeye Doyle. Copeland apparently really liked the character's style, so he named the franchise after the character.

But, why isn't there an apostrophe in the name? Well, Al Copeland says there's no apostrophe because when he was first starting out, he "was too poor to afford one" , and the tradition just stuck!

BONUS - New Orleans native Ellen Degeneres popping up in an old Popeyes TV commercial.