LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - It's one of the biggest weekends of the year for crawfish in Lafayette. Good Friday is the last Friday in Lent and this weekend will be filled with family gatherings for Easter.

It's the perfect time to get some crawfish - assuming you know where to go in order to find it.

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Prices have definitely come down this weekend. The supply has gotten better, bringing prices down, but demand has still been high. As a result, some places have both live and boiled crawfish available, but others are only selling boiled as selling live would cut into their boiled inventory.

As we've noted previously, the Louisiana Radio Network is reporting that on average prices jumped by 50 cents across the state. Meanwhile, the Crawfish App is reporting that mudbugs can be bought for $4.75 a pound.


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Currently, we're looking for where you can go to get either live or boiled crawfish for the weekend - considering a lot of people have different needs for their weekend.

If you're hosting a big boil, you're going to be facing tougher times. Demand is sky-high this weekend and some establishments are scrambling to meet needs. You may need to call around and find out where the best deals are - or if any place has deals in place at all.

Rouse's Market is advertising live and boiled crawfish available while supplies last. Boiled crawfish is being sold from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and live crawfish are being sold in sacks by the pound.

You also have The Bulldog in Lafayette offering crawfish, according to a recent Facebook post. You can get a half sack (about 15 pounds) of boiled crawfish and get a half gallon of margarita for free.

Fezzo's, which has several locations in the area, begins selling boiled crawfish for customers at 5 p.m. in the evenings and should be available for customers who stop by.

Unlike Rouse's, neither The Bulldog nor Fezzo's are offering live sacks of crawfish, only boiled. What's more, it's tough to find many places that are selling live crawfish. The current supply just doesn't support it, given how rough the season started.

Crawfish Time on Moss, for example, recently announced on social media that they would have boiled crawfish this weekend, but would not be selling sacks of live crawfish.

Meanwhile, Louisiana Crawfish Time on Verot School Road in Lafayette does have live crawfish available, but folks are highly encouraged to call ahead and pre-order to ensure they can get it. While you don't have to pre-order, they can't guarantee live crawfish are available if you don't.

Their live pick-up times are below, according to their website:

MONDAY thru THURSDAY ∼ 3pm until 8pm
FRIDAY & SATURDAY ∼ 10am until 9pm
SUNDAY ~ 11am until 8pm

The Crawfish Hole in Carencro is a popular spot but, like some of the others on this list, they don't sell live crawfish. However, they offer combos featuring shrimp and crab to supplement the crawfish demand, and they have a very devoted group of customers who tout the efficiency of the small store - the car line moves very quickly, even on the busiest nights in Lent.

The Crawfish Pot on Foreman in Lafayette definitely has boiled, and their most recent prices for live crawfish are $4.99 per pound. However, their most recent social media post does not include prices for live crawfish, so you may want to call ahead and check with them.

Because we live in south Louisiana, there are a ton of options for crawfish. And it's important to do your research before you go out and just scour for the closest crawfish you can find, as there are so many options that you can miss the best deals or prices if you aren't paying attention.

That's why a lot of folks like to use The Crawfish App to find the best prices and reviews.

Ryan and Laney King of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, would spend time calling around for the best price. In 2013, the pair decided there needed to be an app for that, so they created The Crawfish App, which launched in 2017.

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This weekend is one of the biggest for getting and eating crawfish, especially in Lafayette, so you better hop on it now!

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