The Lafayette Police Department is requesting the public's assistance in locating a missing teenager, Jacey Williams, a 15-year-old student at Northside High School. Jacey has been missing since last Friday and was last seen at her school. She is described as being 5 feet tall and weighing 105 lbs.

As they continue their search for Jacey, the Lafayette Police are asking anyone with information regarding her whereabouts to come forward. The police and Jacey’s family are concerned for her well-being and are praying for her safe return.

The Lafayette community is encouraged to assist in the search by sharing information with their followers on social media and staying on the lookout.

If you have any information that could help locate Jacey Williams, please contact the Lafayette Police Department at 337-291-8600. It only takes a moment to share and any assistance is greatly appreciated and could play a major part in ensuring Jacey’s safe return to her family.

We will update this post when and if more information becomes available.

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