You might think Pumpkin Spice is "basic", but there is nothing basic about this Pumpkin Spice-flavored bacon.

Pumpkin spice-flavored items have become synonymous with the fall season, featuring in everything from lattes to candles. However, the combination of this beloved spice blend with bacon has sparked both curiosity and skepticism among customers.

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Rouses, a popular grocery store chain in Louisiana, announced that they would now be selling Pumpkin Spice Bacon, leaving locals with mixed feelings about this autumn-inspired creation.

While some embrace the idea of Pumpkin Spice Bacon as a unique seasonal treat, others find the fusion of sweet and savory flavors a bit hard to swallow.

At this point, toilet paper and toothpaste might be the only two things that are not available in a pumpkin spice flavor. So is bacon really that extreme? Some locals say they are up for a taste test.

Rouses Facebook
Rouses Facebook

Pumpkin spice is no longer limited to your Starbucks lattes. If you can think of it, they have created a pumpkin spice version of it. From cookies to coffee creamer and now bacon. Some might argue that it's overkill. But for fans of this seasonal flavor, it is totally worth the hype.

Rouses has a history of offering unique and innovative products, often reflecting the rich culinary culture of Louisiana. While Pumpkin Spice Bacon might not appeal to everyone's taste buds, it certainly adds a distinctive twist to the store's seasonal offerings.

Theo Crazzolara via Unsplash
Theo Crazzolara via Unsplash

Pumpkin Spice Bacon will be available for a limited time, catering to those who are eager to embrace this unusual fusion of flavors. As fall finally settles in, Louisianans will have the opportunity to explore this unconventional treat and determine whether it's a seasonal sensation or an acquired taste.

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