PYREX changed the way we cook with their nearly indestructible glass pans and bowls. However, many people have recently been reporting their PYREX pans shattering in the oven. Turns out, there's a difference between PYREX and pyrex.

The Joy Of Pyrex
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Pyrex Pans and Bowls

Pyrex made its public debut in 1915 during World War I and took America's kitchens by storm.

Prior to the release of Pyrex, being able to cook on stoves and in ovens wasn't possible with regular glass due to being susceptible to breakage from heat.

Not only were these new dishes, bowls, and measuring cups able to stand up to heat, but they were easier to clean and just looked nicer in the kitchen.

From the freezer to the stove, Pyrex dishes have been able to do it all for well over 100 years.

So then, why are people all over the internet talking about their Pyrex dishes cracking and breaking on the stove and in the oven?

Did something change when we weren't looking?

Yes, and no.

Pyrex Dish
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Why Are My Pyrex Dishes Shettering?

People around the internet are confused as to why their Pyrex dishes are shattering in the oven.

The simple answer is, the dishes that are shattering are pyrex, not PYREX.

Yep, there's a difference.

From -

"Corning licensed out the use of their PYREX and pyrex logos to other manufacturers, according to Allrecipes.

Now, pyrex kitchenware is mostly sold in the United States, South America, and Asia, while PYREX is still available in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The latter is more likely to be the borosilicate version."

It can seem a little confusing but it's actually pretty simple.

PYREX, all caps, you're safe...while pyrex, all lowercase, you're likely to have issues with it shattering in the oven. says that even if your cooking ware is pyrex, all lowercase, the chance of it breaking and ruining dinner is still low, but it's not the indestructible PYREX version you might think it is.


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