One of the many fans of the New Orleans Saints had a very personal message for one of the players at the Thursday night game.

A young woman had a sign for Jimmy Graham, a tight-end who is back with the team after playing elsewhere for several years.

Hey, if dating an NFL player works for Taylor Swift why not for a fan of the team and in particular of Jimmie Graham?

Take a look back at this memory! Ladies love Jimmy Graham:

Everyone now knows that Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs and Taylor Swift are dating. The whole situation came to light some weeks back when singer Taylor Swift was seen sitting next to Kelcie's mom in a suite at a Kansas City game.

After that first sighting, the two were also seen walking together in the locker room area after the game. That is when the world really began to understand that there was a romance brewing between the two stars.

And, if you believe what is being printed on Page Six, Taylor is apparently falling in love with Travis already.

It makes sense, right?! If Taylor Swift is dating a tight end from the Kansas City Team, then another young lady might have a shot with Jimmy Graham. She was captured holding up her hot pink sign in the Caescar's Superdome at the game last night.

One of the comments posted on the Caesar's Superdome Facebook page puts it perfectly. The comment comes from Karla Hester, "Cute! Shoot ur shot girl".

Another person, Alexandra Mejia, commented, "she's so real for that". Here is the sign that she held up last night:

Gimme Jimmy Photo
Photo courtesy of Caesars Superdome

There is no word from social media yet whether or not Jimmy Graham saw the sign, and if he is interested in taking this young woman on a date.

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