A young lady who truly adores Louisiana Saints and tight-end Jimmy Graham is back with another sign for today's game as the New Orleans Saints take on the New York Giants in the Caesar's Superdome.

As we have reported on in the past, Ashely Hollier has held up two signs at previous Saints games hoping to gain the attention of Graham.

At the Saints game in the Caesar's Superdome on Thursday, October 20, Hollier held up a sign for Graham:

Saints Fan Wants Date with Jimmy Graham
Caesar's Superdome Photo

The sign reads, "Not Taylor Swift, But Can I Date a Tight End?" #gimme jimmy.

If it worked for Taylor, why can't it work for Hollier? She says she is not giving up, and let's face it, just like me and Hollier, people love Jimmy Graham!

She still hasn't received an official response from Graham about a date, but she does keep coming back with signs for him.

Everyone has been privy to the many games that Taylor Swift has attended to show support for her boyfriend Travis Kelce. Hollier is hoping that Graham will be receptive to her latest sign which she debuted at the last game Sunday:


Ashley Hollier Sign
Photo courtesy of WGNO Ashley Hollier Facebook

The sign for today's game is really just a simple request:

Santa Give Us More Jimmy for Christmas
Sign by Ashley Hollier

This time she is not seeking a date for herself, but just more Jimmy Graham in the game.

We will see what happens!

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