One mom is thanking former LSU football star player Clyde Edwards-Helaire for shielding her son during the shooting earlier this week in Kansas City.

Sadly, just as the Chiefs concluded their celebration after winning the Super Bowl, shots rang out and people went scrambling.

In all, one person was killed in the shooting and 22 were injured. Many of those injured in the shooting were children.

Well, one child is okay after this horrific event and it's all thanks to the quick thinking of Clyde Edwards-Helaire, who plays running back for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Shooting At Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Victory Parade Leaves Multiple People Injured
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Penny Hall Cotten explained on social media that the former LSU Tiger protected her son while the shooting was going on and that Edwards-Helaire has since checked back on her son after the shooting.

She credits the NFL running back for taking care of her son while the pandemonium ensued after the celebrations.

The star running back did respond to Mrs Cotten's kind words and said the following,

Hey Mrs. Penny, Zach was brave for sure!!” Edward-Helaire said. “Sorry, the family and all of Chiefs Kingdom had to experience this. Just wanted to Thank Zach for trusting me and knowing I’ll protect him.”

What a sad story out of Kansas City, but then again, in times like this you see the best in people and Clyde Edwards-Helaire showed that. And while he may never consider himself a hero, the NFL player is to the Cotten family and to so many more.

Here's the post that the young fan's mom shared on social media.


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