There's more than one way to skin a cat. Why you would ever want to skin a cat we don't know and also don't ever do that.

That being said, there's also more than one way to peel crawfish.

In this video, a Louisiana native from Baton Rouge demonstrates the proper way to peel crawfish, but this doesn't really look so proper to us.



How to Properly Eat Crawfish

Katrice Hardy, managing editor of The Virginian-Pilot is from Baton Rouge, which she claims is "the home of the crawfish".

That's news to us but, alright. We were pretty sure that was Breaux Bridge, but what do we know?

In this video, she demonstrates the "proper" way to eat and peel crawfish.

Granted, her technique eventually does get the job done.

To the inexperienced eye, this is definitely how to do it right?

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We don't think I've ever seen anyone from South Louisiana peel almost every section of shell from the tail.

Usually, we just pop the first one off, pinch the bottom and we're done. On a good day, we can get the tail out of the shell without even peeling, just a good pinch.

Oh, and also we've never heard anyone call the tail a leg.

Maybe that's what it's called in Baton Rouge, "the home of the crawfish".

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