Crawfish season in Acadiana is always a great time of year for crawfish farmers, restaurants, and crawfish lovers.

It seems like our options for eating delicious boiled crawfish multiply more every year but, who has the best-boiled crawfish in Acadiana?


Best Crawfish Restaurants Near Me

When it comes to boiled crawfish in Acadiana, your options are certainly abundant.

Each crawfish season we see one or two new crawfish restaurants pop up.

With so many choices, it can get confusing as to where to find the best-boiled crawfish in Acadiana.

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Obviously, "best crawfish in Acadiana" is largely determined by personal opinion, and clearly, we all have differences in opinion when it comes to this topic.


However, when it comes to Yelp reviews, personal opinion plays the biggest role in what's good and what's not, but the number of people who leave positive reviews is the second biggest factor.

So, who has the best-boiled crawfish in Acadiana according to Yelp?

The Crawfish Spot, Crawfish Time on Ridge, and Louisiana Crawfish Time all rank pretty high on the Top 10 list.

Below are the crawfish restaurant rankings according to Yelp reviews.

1. The Crawfish Spot - 4 1/2 Stars, 114 reviews

2. Crawfish Time on Ridge - 4 Stars, 28 reviews

3. Louisiana Crawfish Time - 4 1/2 Stars, 70 reviews

4. The Cajun Table - 4 1/2 Stars, 142 reviews


5. The Crawfish Pot - 4 Stars, 4 reviews.

6. Soul Haus Kitchen - 3 1/2 Stars, 5 reviews.

7. Dwight's - 4 Stars, 106 reviews

8. LA Heat Crawfish - 5 Stars, 1 review


9. Cajun Claws Seafood - 4 1/2 Stars, 102 reviews

10. Greyson's Boiling Point - 4 1/2 Stars, 47 reviews

Other great places to get boiled crawfish according to Yelp reviews -

Royal Seafood Market - 5 Stars, 1 review

Crawfish Hole - 5 Stars, 1 review

The Crawfish Hot Tub - 5 Stars, 1 review

Uncle T's Oysters Bar - 4 1/2 Stars, 195 reviews.

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