So, this is the rumor I'm starting:  A businessman from Lafayette, Louisiana, was in the Northeast (presumably on a business trip) when he decided to go into a convenience store to purchase a Coors Light and a Mega-Millions ticket.

Here is how I sleuthed my way to this deduction:

A friend of mine (from Carencro) called me this morning to tell me that he thinks that his cousin won.  He didn't say too much, he just asked if I had heard anything.  At the time, I hadn't.

Now, I was skeptical, until I got a call from a friend of mine in Pennsylvania.  Andy (a guy I was in the Army with) called me this afternoon, asking if I knew one of the people that won the jackpot, who is from Lafayette.  Supposedly, his sister (Ellie) works at a convenience store in Maryland (just across the state line), at a store that sold one of the winning tickets for the half billion Mega-Millions jackpot.  She was chatting up this guy with a Cajun accent who was purchasing tickets (if I know Ellie, she was hitting on him), and she said "My brother knows a radio DJ down in Lafayette, do you know him?  His name is JayCee".  The guy says "Sure, I listen to him, he does the Polyester Power Hour".  (Does EVERYONE get me and CJ mixed up??  UGH!!)  Well, it seems that she got a call at work yesterday (Saturday)  from someone who wants to "give her the tip of her lifetime" (the caller had left a message with whoever was working to give to Ellie).

I know that I am typing erratically, but try to stay with me, k?

Mega Millions

My friend that called me this morning, he's from Carencro (a former oilfield worker who now manages an air conditioning repair place), he said that his cousin (the purported winner) was out on business last week (when the ticket was purchased).  Friday night, at a bar on University near Carencro that will remain unnamed, he was in an unprecedented "great mood", and serendipitously purchased a round of drinks for EVERYONE IN THE BAR!  The next day, he used his savings account to pay off a loan from their grandfather (he had lent the purported winner money for college, with no interest.. nice grandpa, huh??)  IN FULL!!

Then, early this afternoon, a friend of mine that I used to work with at The Real Superstore texted me about some seats for her Jeep, so I called her and answered her question, then, through small talk and such, she brought up  "Oh, do you remember that guy I was dating (years ago)?  He left a message on my phone today saying ""Next week, you will regret ever breaking up with me.""  What a strange message, he was never that creepy when we dated!".  Hmmmm.. interesting, no?

So, after putting 2 and 2 together:

I called my other friend back (the one who told me the first rumor) and I asked "Is your cousin named XXXX XXXXXXeaux?"  He hesitated just a little bit too long, and then said "maybe, why?"


So, don't say you heard it from me, but.....

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