We just might have a new dress debate on our hands!

The internet has been up in arms over the last few days over a picture someone tweeted that appears to be either a beautiful beach turned on its side or a portion of a door and a wall.

So at first glance, what did you think -- door or beach? I'll be honest, I went with door.

We'll reveal what we believe the answer to be in a bit. But first, here are examples of what the Twitter World is thinking.

Well Veronica, and the rest of the internet. We have the answer.


The photo stems from the Destin, Florida area and it was posted a few years back by Beach Breeze-Destin Florida Vacation Beach House Rentals.


Yes, the photo does look a bit different than the viral image because it appears to have been photoshopped. The photo has been darkened, the waves edited out and the sand has been edited too, but the "experts" are pretty sure this is the right picture.

I'll actually be in Destin this weekend. I've got to try to snap this picture to compare and contrast.

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