Call me crazy, but I love Cheeseburgers for breakfast. I know a few doctors who'd cringe at that thought. It's a holiday. "Breakfast" happened at noon & I did take a few steps to avoid cooking up a "Heart Stopper."

First, I start with ground sirloin, less fat than ground turkey!  I know what you're thinking....."Dry"!

Got that covered. Mix in some Guidry's seasoning mix. You, know that "holy trinity" that you can find in any locally owned grocery store. Not only does it add flavor. It keeps the meat nice & moist without adding fat. I season w/ a little cayenne, garlic powder, onion powder & 5 or 6 drops of Tabasco Habanero.

Broil it, or put it on your pit. I melted two slices of cheese on this one, Swiss & American, made w/ 2% milk. "Fat Free" isn't really fat free. They also load it with sugar, and/ or salt.

I serve it on two slices of whole wheat bread over a bed of bag salad. By the way, I got my vegetables, too! Bloody Mary, made w/ V-8, served in my Redneck Wine Glass.....

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