We are living in crazy times. A time where technology is moving faster than we can. In most cases, technology is our friend, but obviously, there are exceptions.

For instance, a Tile key fob. A Tile key fob is a "high-performance finder for your things" as explained on the box the item comes in. The Tile key fob pairs with Bluetooth technology and usually has a range of a couple of hundred feet. The Tile is used to find your keys or cellphone but it can also be used as a "community find".

The Tile key fob uses a crowdsourcing feature. That means if your fob gets near a cellphone that's running the Tile app, it will alert you where it is. Now that's great if you've lost your keys, cellphone, or anything you'd need to find if it went missing. However, if someone slipped a Tile in your purse, it could be used to find your location. Someone could track where you live and know where you are day and night.

Recently, Sheridan Ellis went out to celebrate a friend's birthday. When got home after the party, Ellis was going through her bag and found a Tile key fob. At first, she didn't know what it was. But she knew one thing, she had not put it there.

She contacted everyone who was at the gathering and the Tile key fob didn't belong to any one of them.

She realized it was a tracking device and took the battery out.

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