Today is October 12. There are 73 days until Christmas.

On this date in 1901, President Theodore Roosevelt renamed the Executive Mansion "The White House."

In 1938, production began on the film, "The Wizard of Oz."

In 1971, "Jesus Christ Superstar" premiered on Broadway.

In 2016, CoverGirl's spokesmodel seventeen-year-old James Charles became the first ever "CoverBoy."

Today is Farmer’s Dy, Free Thought Day, and Gumbo Day.

Happy Birthday to TV personality Chris Wallace is 71.

Tony and Emmy Award-winning actor Hugh Jackman is 50.

Actor Adam Rich who played Nicholas Bradford on the television show "Eight is Enough" is 50.

Actor Kirk Cameron is 48.  He starred in the television show "Growing Pains."

Actor Josh Hutcherson from "The Hunger Games" trilogy is 26.

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