How do you keep ice cream fresh and without getting that disgusting freezer burn? It's a simple trick that I have to tell ya, I had not heard of until today. And I'm not completely sure how it works, but it does.

Let's say you buy a gallon of your favorite ice cream. You get it home and you only want a couple of scoops. When you go to put the container back into the freezer, put in there upside down. That's right, upside down. Just make sure the lid is all the way on.

According to, storing ice cream upside down will keep it from getting freezer burn. The reason has to do with the warm air from outside of your freezer. Warm air sucks some of the moisture out of the ice cream. That moisture is what forms ice crystals once it refreezes.

Ice cream freezer burn can also happen if your ice creams melts and some of the melted ice cream gets down to the bottom of the container.

So avoid the burn. Store your ice cream upside down and always store ice cream as close to the back wall of your freezer as possible.

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