Back in the day of everyone wearing "Chucks", it was easy to dry shoes: just pop them into the dryer for an hour and viola: dry shoes. Of course, the wear-and-tear of the tumbling will shorten the lifespan of any shoe, so that may leave you with the question: How do I dry my shoes without damage?

The easiest, quickest, most passive way I have found is, in fact, easy, quick, and passive: I use the refrigerator!

Before you put me in the "This Guy Isn't Grasping That Which He Speaks" basket, hear me out. The refrigerator's fan runs frequently enough to blow enough warm, dry air on shoes to dry them, usually within 24 hours. Of course, the thinner the shoe (less material, etc), the quicker they will dry.

Monkey Shoes (Photo by John Falcon)
Monkey Shoes (Photo by John Falcon)

Here's how it works: your refrigerator puts off warm air during the heat exchange process, and (usually) blows that warm air out of the front bottom part of the refrigerator, right against the floor. With that warm running over your shoes, it slowly dries them!

The next time you find yourself with wet shoes and you want them dry for the next day, blot them as well as you can with a dry towel, then drop them in front of your refrigerator. Once they are dry, you can go on a hike!

DISCLAIMER: Results may vary. Not all shoes behave the same. Not valid on "EEE" or paper mache' shoes. Remove shoes from feet for best results.

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