Most people aren't fond of deep cleaning, but sometimes things around the house just need a good scrubbing. But, what happens when traditional cleaning methods don't get the job done? Enter the cleaning product that has created the most satisfying TikTok videos.

Before anything, watch the below TikTok...

Did you know that if you live in a rented apartment with a glass cooktop, they can keep part or all of your security deposit if you leave scratches on the stove? Oh yes, it's true and I had to learn that the hard way.

So let me give some quick back-story. We recently posted a story about how you could use dryer sheets to clean a glass stove cooktop. But then I came across a Twitter post from @TODAYshow which you can see below.

I am not on TikTok regularly, so I had to dig a little deeper into what this "miracle cleaning paste" was all about. Especially since I have had to pay a lot of money to a former apartment complex that decided my scratched up stove top would need to be completely replaced before the next tenant could move into my unit.

As it turns out, there is an entire hashtag and page of videos dedicated to #thepinkstuff on TikTok. As I scrolled through the page, it didn't take long to see the proof that "The Pink Stuff" works on just about everything.

Check out some more TikTok's showing the products ability below.

Also, isn't it just so satisfying to watch dirty things get cleaned? I love it.

So don't let an ugly mess in your house get you down when a product like this is available.  If I would have known about this a couple of years ago, I could have saved myself a pretty penny.

If you are interested in purchasing this product, don't look too far. The link is below.

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