If you are tired of getting the haphazardly-assembled sales flyers in your mailbox, here's how to remove yourself from the list.

They usually arrive in my mailbox on Tuesday and, since I frequently forget what day it is, I get excited when I open my mailbox on Tuesday, until I realize what it is.

We have come to call it junk mail: the unsolicited coupons and advertisements that we receive in the mail.  Some people look forward to the arrival of said re-purposed trees so they can save money on things they don't need.  Others loathe the thought of having to sort through the mail to find the important stuff.  And some just see it all as a big waste.  I think that I am in the latter category.

Townsquare Staff Photo
Townsquare Staff Photo

It has happened on more than one occasion: a piece of "more important" mail gets caught up in the clutter of the junk mail, finding itself in the circular filing cabinet. A few times, the contents of that circular filing cabinet make it to the bin outside prior to me realizing that there was a "more important" piece of mail in there and, if that happens enough, it could cause a problem.

Let it be known that I have nothing against these businesses trying to make a buck; I just want to give people information on how to opt out, if they so choose.

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