Here's something you don't see every day: an alligator crossing a horse track.

The reptile (a big one, I might add) was spotted crossing the race track at Delta Downs in Vinton, Louisiana.

The video shows one horse's reaction to seeing the gator.

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So, would an alligator attack a horse?

A quick search will answer that question: absolutely.

A horse in Florida was cooling off in a pond when it was attacked by an alligator in 2018. The lucky horse (I guess you can call it lucky) had its life spared, but it did suffer a pretty bad leg injury.

That horse's veterinarian bills (according to the story from WFTS) incurred due to the alligator attack totaled over $10,000.

Though it's not common to hear of horses being attacked by alligators, it does happen.

In at least one instance, the horse might have instigated the attack.

Check out this video. It shows a horse grazing in a pasture in Florida in close proximity to an alligator.

It looks like everyone is getting along well until the horse decides it doesn't like the alligator being that close. That's when the horse tries to trample the gator.

On the first attempt, it doesn't appear that the horse actually stomps on the alligator, but on the horse's second attempt, it looks like contact was made.

Not only does it appear that the horse contacts the alligator, but it was also reported by the New York Post that the alligator made contact, too: the horse was bitten on the leg.

As for the alligator on the racetrack at Delta Downs, it appears that no horses (or people) were injured when the alligator strolled across the property over the weekend.

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