A beloved alligator in Vinton, Louisiana was shot and killed by authorities in the area and now many are mourning the loss of "Marty."

Several posts on social media reported the death of the huge alligator at Delta Downs earlier this week and now some are asking why it was killed.

Marty was well-known by those who visited the Louisiana casino and racetrack as it is called a nearby pond home.

Occasionally the huge alligator would make its way onto the track to enjoy a break from its habitat and at times even delayed races on the track. Still, that didn't stop many from loving and adoring the massive-sized gator in Vinton.

According to various reports on social media, Marty has been around the racetrack in Vinton for decades and will be missed by many who looked for him when they visited the grounds.

As for why the alligator was shot, it appears that authorities were called to the casino after a recent storm and Marty was seen in a parking lot. It was then that the famous alligator was shot.

We reached out to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries Office in Lake Charles but have not yet heard back from in regards to this incident.

Here's a look at Marty visiting the track at Delta Downs. It is said that the crew there knew how to handle and direct him back to the nearby pond it called "home."


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