A horse was out in Dallas, Texas and like some of you it too was apparently "thirsty".

The video of the horse walking into the bar went viral on social media last week and as you'll see below, one guy was generous enough to even hold the door open for it.

As for what happened once the horse was in the venue we don't know, but I'd be willing to bet some good money that no one in there was expecting to see a horse in the bar that night.

Portrait of a horse head outdoors in field

Sure, it isn't something you see every day, but if you recall, a few years ago a horse did show up in a bar in Lafayette, and like many in Dallas, no one expected to see the animal in the bar.

Here's the horse entering its favorite "Water Hole" in Texas. Now, how long was it in there for? Well, we don't have the bit of information either.

Now, after a quick search, we were able to find a few photos of the horse in the bar, and some say that its a "regular" there.


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Gallery Credit: Elena Kadvany

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