One Texas man did not care if he held up traffic after he was spotted cruising down a highway in a huge shopping cart.

We've seen similar buggies like this one in parades in and around Lafayette, Louisiana, but I can't recall ever seeing one travel down a busy highway.

Imagine seeing someone drive something like this on I-10 or I-49, well it happened, but this time it was in the great state of Texas.

Dallas, TX TV
Dallas, TX TV

I hate to go here, but they do say that all things are bigger in Texas, and here's one video that may prove that statement to be correct.

As for if this type of "vehicle" is street legal, well I'll leave that up to the Socia Media Police to decide that.

in any case, check out this man living his best life as he cruises down the Texas highway.

In recent years we've seen a similar shopping cart show up in some of our local parades and it belongs to Super One.

Have you seen this one?

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