Leaves fell even if we didn't have much of a Fall. Should you rake them or leave them be?

Most of us probably look at the leaves in our yards as a nuisance to be raked up and disposed of, but The National Wildlife Foundation says leaving those leaves is a good thing for your yard and the surrounding habitat.

1. Letting leaves lay where they've fallen preserves the ecosystem that has formed in the layers of fallen leaves. Many species depend on the leaf layer for food, includings squirrels, turtles, toads, and various insects.

2. Raking and disposing of leaves destroys the butterfly and moth pupae that have hunkered down in the leaves for winter. Both are important to birds and pollination.

3. Leaves form a natural mulch that suppresses weeds and act as a natural fertilizer.

4. If you have to dispose of your leaves, use them as compost or bring them to a local recycling center so they can be made into compost.

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