Turn to almost any radio station in South Louisiana, especially on Fridays, and you will hear Westwego, Louisiana native  Ryan Foret of Ryan Foret and Foret Tradition singing a popular local song called, "Tee Nah Nah". It doesn't matter what the format of the station. "Tee Nah Nah" is a song that crosses all lines of musical tastes. You'll hear it played at a high school dance, a night club and at a nursing home. It's a song that touches a special place in the music center of people's brains.

99.9 KTDY, for those of you who don't know, airs a show on Friday morning called the "Polyester Power Hour". It started off as an hour show that featured and hour of disco and 80s funk. After a relatively short time, the show became very popular and now consumes the entire morning show on Friday mornings. It has been the most listened to show in the entire Acadiana area (sometimes number one in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana metro as well) for over 20 years.

Of all the fun, old-school favorites played on the "Polyester Power Hour", like Donna Summer, Commodores, Earth Wind and Fire, etc., the most requested song every week, still to this day, is "Tee Nah Nah" by Ryan Foret and Foret Tradition.

If you hit YouTube and social media, it's easy to find the studio version of "Tee Nah Nah" but if you're looking for a live video performance of the song, it's not so easy to find. Not sure why that is.

After many hours of searching, a very good version of Ryan Foret and Foret Tradition singing "Tee Nah Nah" live, has been found. Fast forward the video to 1:48:00 and enjoy it!


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