Britney Spears fans and Gleeks, listen up. Not only has ‘Glee‘ been renewed for a third season, but audiences will get to feast their eyes on yet another tribute episode honoring the ‘Femme Fatale’ singer.

The tribute is set to air as the second episode of the series’ fourth season, reports Entertainment Weekly. Fans will get to indulge in more of Brit’s hits, which will include eight ‘Glee’-ified songs. However, the show won’t focus on Brittany, and for now, Spears is not set to make a guest appearance. Don’t lose hope, though. Things could change by the time the episode shoots.

By now, Britney fans know that the pop superstar has signed on to be a judge on FOX’s hit series ‘X Factor,’ and, according to the network, ‘Glee’ will move to Thursday nights, following the singing competition’s results show. That means we’ll be getting a big double dose of Britney later this year.

The first Britney tribute is one of Glee’s highest-rated episodes to date, so it’s no wonder why execs would want to pay homage to the five-time Grammy Award winner. Plus, with seven albums under her belt, the New Directions have plenty more hits to cover. Are you excited for what’s in store?