Is this the smartest Girl Scout of all time?

A photo posted by Urbn Leaf, a San Diego marijuana dispensary, showed a girl scout loaded down with boxes of Girl Scout cookies. According to the girl's father, his daughter sold over 300 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in approximately six hours while standing outside of the marijuana shop.

Marijuana and munchies have always gone hand in hand as a humorous side effect when it comes to weed, but apparently the money this girl raked in was no joke. The recent legalization of marijuana in California has definitely created at least one opportunity and it seems like the Girl Scouts are cool with it.

Alison Bushan says that scouts are allowed "to sell from wagons as long as they have a parent or guardian present," and since the little girl was set up on a wagon and off the property, she was within the organization's guidelines.

So if that’s what they say they were doing… then they were right within the rules

A similar incident prompted a different reaction back in 2014 when a Girl Scout sold over 100 boxes in two hours outside of a Colorado dispensary.

If you are wondering, we don’t allow our Girl Scouts to sell cookies in front of marijuana shops or liquor stores/bars

It seems as if times are changing as Girl Scouts all over the country are currently selling cookies and will continue to do so until April, so get yours ASAP!

What are your thoughts on this Girl Scout selling near a dispensary?

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