A dad in Oregon has been accused of stealing his daughters Girl Scout cookie money and making up a robbery story to cover up his dirty deeds. The cookie money thief was in court on Friday 3/29/19. The 40 year old dad named Brian Couture pleaded Not Guilty and has been charged with improper use of an emergency system and initiating a false report. Both of his offenses are misdemeanors.

What is the fake story this dad reported? On March 6th, 2019 Police received a call stating that someone had broken in and Couture said he struggled with the assailant. When police showed up at the home where the alleged assault happened police officers found Couture unresponsive. After extensive questioning the dad admitted to making up a story and staging the scene. According to a spokesperson for Girl Scouts, Couture has a daughter who is a Girl Scout and $740 cash is missing from the cookie sales. The Girl Scout's are working with Couture on a repayment plan. This dad just couldn't keep his hands out of the cookie jar full of money. I can't help but feel so sad for this mans daughter, can you imagine her having to see her dad in the news because of this? Clearly her dad was not concerned with setting a good example.

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