Most of us love the cookies Girl Scouts sell each and every year, but what happens to the boxes of cookies that go unsold during their annual fundraiser?

While you may think that all of the boxes or cases are sold each year, that is not so and the Girl Scouts are often left with leftover cookies.

In the event that a Girl Scout troop does not sell all of their cookies, they put them to good use and they do not dispose of them. Girl Scouts will also not sell leftover cookies the following year as they only want to put the freshest product in your hands.

Micah Taylor, Flickr
Micah Taylor, Flickr

So where do the leftover cookies go? The answer is simple, leftover cookies are brought to food pantries in communities so that those seeking food have a treat or dessert available to them.

That's right, the cookies that the Girl Scouts don't sell are donated to those who need food, and what a great thing it is for the troops to donate them to local pantries.

If you haven't gotten your Girl Scout cookies yet this year, they are on sale through the middle of April, and you can now purchase them online.

So, enjoy the cookies and know that what you're purchasing is helping so many young people journey through scouting.

Now, if you're curious as to how they produce so many cookies for the annual fundraiser, check out this video.

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