If you are hunkering for a blast from the past, you'll want to mark your calendar for October 29th.

Okay, so it's a blast from the not-so-distant past, but a blast, nonetheless.

Champagne's Bakery in Henderson recently closed its doors, and the most feedback we heard on the closing was about the bakery's locally-famous pink cookies.

What are those pink cookies called? Simply, "Pink Cookies".

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Ask almost anyone in Breaux Bridge or Henderson about the pink cookies, and you'll probably get a story, as the pink cookies are something of a tradition in the area.

When Champagne's first announced that they would be closing down earlier this year, people got a little anxious about those pink cookies.

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How much of a tradition are the pink cookies?

From grandparents bringing their grandkids for a special treat to families ordering dozens for their special celebrations, the pink cookie is a staple there.

Paul Champagne, owner of Champagne's Bakery (they are still baking bread for local restaurants), describes the pink cookies in this way:

Light, fluffy sandwich cookie with frosting filling

I asked him to tell me more, and he declined; he didn't want to rile up his ancestors by giving away the family secret!

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This week, Paul Champagne announced that the famous pink cookies are making a comeback, for a limited time.

A Champagne's Bakery Pop-Up is scheduled for October 29, 2022.

The pop-up will be held at Champagne's Breaux Bridge Bakery, 602 E. Bridge Street in Breaux Bridge.

The event (believe me, these cookies are SO popular, it WILL be an event) begins at 10 am and, according to Paul, he is working on getting a food truck for the day so people can grab lunch and dessert.

What will the dessert be? Pink cookies, of course. While supplies last which, judging by the response, won't be long.

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