A new locally owned business is coming to Broussard and it is sure to be a sweet treat for the whole community.

It’s Just A Cookie Sugar Art Studio will be opening up at 817 Albertson’s Parkway in suites L & M.

This new business will bring an interactive baking class to the Broussard community.

The classes will be based around, of course, cookies. In these classes, students will be able to create cookies, cakes, and cake pops, along with other delicious treats. Of course, there will be trained professionals who will lead the classes, so students are sure to learn a lot in these classes.

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It’s Just a Cookie will offer classes for all skill sets so there is no need to worry about baking or decorating abilities. The teachers will be able to assist in any way they can and make sure your treats turn out amazing.

It’s Just A Cookie will also hold an after-school sugar art program for kids which will start in 2023.

And if you are a fan of the Netflix show “Nailed It!” Then get ready because they will also host “Nailed It!” nights.

This new studio will have top-of-the-line equipment along with the largest selection of cookie cutters around. One other really cool feature is the sprinkle bar which will have over 30 different sprinkle mixes available for students to use.

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Right now the tentative opening date for It’s Just A Cookie is set for mid-November.

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