Here's a story of mistaken identity:  a college-aged girl buys a few supplies for a fundraiser (including a box of water) and heads back to her car.  Plain-clothed undercover agents pull guns and start yelling at her, and she panics: she doesn't know that they are officers of the law.

Why did she panic?  Because she is a 20-year old girl who was scared witless!  All of the agents were yelling and flashing badges, but University of Virginia student Elizabeth Daly and her friends started screaming (thinking they were being carjacked, maybe), and when Daly sped off, she allegedly "brushed" two Alcohol Beverage Control agents with her SUV.

The agents thought that the box of water that Daly had purchased was a 12-pack of beer, and were going to arrest her for underage possession (how did they know her age??).   Here is the box that tipped off the fuzz...

The agents thought that this was a 12-pack of beer.  Girlie beer, I guess.

Daly and her friends were returning from listening to the stories of several sexual assault victims at a vigil, so it's understandable that they had their guard up.  Daly was charged with a couple of counts of assaulting a police officer and one count of eluding police.  The charges have since been dropped, but not until after she spent several hours in jail.

Read the story and tell me if you think that she should have spent ANY time in jail..

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