Of all the phone calls I've answered over the past week, at least half included the question "How can I buy Garth Brooks Tickets", or something similar.

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are coming to the Cajundome on June 24th, and tickets go on sale Friday, May 12th. Garth hasn't been in this area in over 20 years, so these tickets are going to be in high demand. I am expecting that there will be more than just a few disappointed people once the show is sold out.

The Cajundome informed us that the Garth Brooks concert ticket sales method will be slightly different from which we are accustomed. For one thing, there will be NO TICKET SALES AT ANY TICKETMASTER BRICK AND MORTAR OUTLETS on Friday, May 12th. There will be a ticket limit, and all tickets will be the same price.

We received this helpful email from the staff at the Cajundome regarding Garth Brooks ticket sales:

Please share with anyone planning on buying tickets!
1. There will be NO sales at the CAJUNDOME Box Office or any Ticketmaster outlets on May 12th. Buy ONLY at the following:
a. To charge online go to www.ticketmaster.com/garthbrooks
b. To order by phone please call Ticketmaster Express; first at 1-866-448-7849 or then try 1-800-745-3000.
c. Please note that CAJUNDOME ticketing is ONLY supported by Ticketmaster. Please avoid using other websites or ticketing services as we cannot guarantee entry into the event or the authenticity of a ticket purchased from any other ticketing vendor. .
2. An eight (8) ticket limit will be strictly enforced!
3. All seats will be sold best available only. Select seats will also be protected with paperless delivery. Click here for more info on paperless tickets:http://www.ticketmaster.com/creditcardentry
4. Please go NOW to www.ticketmaster.com/garthbrooks to create an account or refresh your existing Ticketmaster account for a quicker purchasing experience.
a. For more tips for getting tickets, click here: http://www.ticketmaster.com/insidertips…
5. There will be a delivery delay on tickets until June 17th.
Of all these bits of information, the most important are 1: a and 1: c; You MUST buy online on Friday, May 12th and NOT at an outlet, and DO NOT BUY FROM ANY OTHER TICKET SELLER. The Cajundome, as stated above, can NOT guarantee entry if you purchased your tickets from a secondary seller (not Ticketmaster).
I found one said secondary seller today online, and when I clicked "2" as my quantity of tickets, the website said that I can expect to pay anywhere between $141 and $3,086. The website even had the Cajundome name in the IRL. (There was a disclaimer that said that final ticket price may be higher than face value. No, really? $3,086 is higher than face value?? HAHA!!)
Anyway, just adhere to the advice above and, if you are lucky enough to get tickets, you'll be good to go. If the show sells out before you secure your seats, you can try the secondary sellers, but remember, the Cajundome can not guarantee entry if your tickets weren't purchased from Ticketmaster. (And if the show sells out before you get your seats, you can probably thank those so-called "secondary sellers" for gobbling up all of the tickets before you get a chance to get yours!)
Bottom line: be smart.  Good luck!

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