The Cajundome in Lafayette has hosted so many great concerts, shows, and other events, but there was one show that never made to it Lafayette, Louisiana.

Growing up, I was a huge professional wrestling fan and my attraction to the "sport" remained into my college years.

In the late 90s professional wrestling was at an all-time high as two major companies went head-to-head on Monday nights. Of course, I am talking about WCW and WWE.

WWE's flagship show was Monday Night RAW, while WCW introduced fans to its show WCW Monday Night Nitro. In the late 90s, WCW's Nitro show was the television show to watch and attend, and for the first time in the company's history, it was doing better TV ratings than WWE's TV programming.

Some of the big names like Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, The Macho Man, and others fled WWE in the late 90s and landed in WCW, to create a group called the NWO. So of course fans were intrigued by this and Nitro had many years of success on television and anywhere WCW took its A-Show, it was always a sell-out.

Well, that show never made it to the Cajundome in Lafayette, LA. Sure, WCW did bring its B-Show to the Cajundome, WCW Thunder, but Nitro never originated from Lafayette, La.

WCW did bring Monday Night Nitro to places like Monroe and New Orleans, but never did WCW air Nitro from Lafayette, LA, nor did it ever land in Baton Rouge, LA for that matter.

My friends and I attended Nitro on a few occasions, but that required us to travel to Monroe, New Orleans, and even Biloxi to witness the show in person.

I wish WCW would have brought their flagship show to Lafayette and the Cajundome in the late 90s as I am certain that there would not have been a seat left open in the arena. Sadly, when WCW Thunder came to the Cajundome, only half the arena was filled with fans.

With all of that said, I still do applaud the Cajundome for attracting WWE RAW to Lafayette. One of the most electric nights in that show's history came when Steve Austin stormed the ring and delivered one of his best promos ever.

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