Special occasions call for great meals at fantastic restaurants. Luckily for folks in Louisiana, there is no shortage of incredible eateries where one can take a friend, family member, or loved one.

But what about if you got the chance to go to dinner with a professional athlete or a celebrity? What Louisiana restaurants would satisfy their expensive taste?

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After a Louisiana professional athlete went to social media to ask for restaurant recommendations, we were curious to know what New Orleans spots folks in Acadiana would like to take a pro-athlete. We posted the below and got some incredible answers.

Of course, there were plenty of good people here in Acadiana that made strong arguments for why they would stray out of the Greater New Orleans area and travel West to Cajun Country to get the best grub 'The Boot' has to offer.

Plus, we figure if a restaurant is good enough for a professional athlete - it would most likely be fit for any celebrity. So without any further delay, check out the below list that you can certainly reference when choosing a place to eat for a really special occasion.

Louisiana Restaurants Fit for Dinner with a Celebrity

Here are the top spots, as suggested by you the people, from both New Orleans and Acadiana that folks deem good enough for a celebrity dinner.

Cafe Du Monde

Chris Graythen/Getty Images
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

This was by far one of the top recommendations. Cafe Du Monde is a New Orleans staple and whether it is for the delicious beignets or simply to honor the tradition, many believe that this is a great spot to take a celebrity.

Commander's Palace

Certainly a favorite amongst Louisiana residents, Commander's Palace has been ranked at the top of a few different restaurant categories. The eatery falls amongst the Best Traditional Louisiana Restaurants, Best Restaurant for Romantic Dining, Best New Orleans Restaurant, and Best Place to Get a Martini. Even having vegetarian options, Commander's Palace could certainly be a place that a celebrity would be impressed with.

Cafe Josephine

If you can convince a celebrity to go out to Sunset, Louisiana they would certainly be satisfied by the cuisine at Cafe Josephine. The oysters, the delectable dishes, the great cocktails - the combination of everything this Acadiana eatery has to offer makes for the perfect low-key dinner with a celebrity.

Deanie's Seafood

A top seafood suggestion was Deanie's, who certainly know how to throw down some of Louisiana's finest dishes. If a celebrity wanted a legit Louisiana experience, Deanie's would be a fantastic option.


This French Quarter Italian eatery has a great atmosphere to go along with its fine food. A celebrity could definitely indulge on some top-tier bites at this New Orleans restaurant.


This Magazine Street restaurant offers quite the brunch spread, but can satisfy a celebrity's palate for any meal. Who wouldn't love to enjoy some mimosas in this unique part of the Big Easy?

Honorable Mention - Popeye's

Paul Kieu, paulkieu.com
Paul Kieu, paulkieu.com

Whether it was serious or a joke, Popeye's was mentioned by multiple folks from around Acadiana. Of course, the last-standing buffet would have been a great choice for a celebrity meal. But as we all know, that Popeye's on Pinhook no longer operates as an all-you-can-eat chicken buffet. Nevertheless, if you were riding around town with a celebrity and needed a quick bite - Popeye's rarely disappoints.

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Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

While you may not get the chance to have dinner with one of your favorite actors or a member of the New Orleans Saints, feel free to use this list to treat someone you love like a celebrity for the night. Take out your spouse, your bestie, or anyone else to any of these fantastic Louisiana restaurants and you are sure to have a good time!

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