Who would be brave enough to try this?

Neutral Ground News posted a photo of a new product on their Facebook book and people across the state are losing their minds.

As you can see below, the photo is of a can of gumbo, made by gardein. This plant-based product includes rice, vegetables, and saus'ge.


As you would expect, so many people are calling for this product to be pushed aside. Folks across the south take pride in a good gumbo, and this most certainly does not look like a good gumbo.

But, let me play devil's advocate here---for just a second. What if this "gumbo" is actually decent? I guess the only way we'll ever know is if someone tries this.

I don't think it'll be me, but would you be willing to try this plant-based gumbo? Would you really take one for the team?


Check out what some folks are already saying about this latest product.


I was asking if anyone would take one for the team and try this, I guess was can count Mark out after this comment.


Lucky for us, Jessica reportedly tried this gumbo in a canned mixture, and here is what she had to say about the product. I'll trust her here.



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