To say that emotions were running high after LSU's loss to Florida State would be an understatement.

In a game that came down to the last second (literally), there were near-miraculous moments that no one would believe unless they saw it happen with their own eyes as Florida State beat LSU 24-23 in the neutral-site season opener.

From freak injuries and ejections to muffed punts and blocked kicks, it was a rollercoaster of "did-that-just-happen" moments that LSU fans will (unfortunately) never forget, and definitely not the showing that Brian Kelly wanted to have as the new head football coach at LSU.

You can relive all the chaos in the video clip above, but the real viral action is actually the reactions to this wild game.

WBRZ had cameras rolling, and if you haven't seen this clip it is an absolute doozy. I'll actually stash the full thing at the end of this post for you because right now we will focus on a kid who is being heralded as the "new king" of FSU football.

This kid can't be any older than 10, but here he is—getting this lame dad jokes off on LSU at their lowest moment. As corny as his trolling efforts are, the fact that this prepubescent kid is out here roasting LSU on a local news station is enough for it to go viral.

Almost instantly, this kid became the literal poster child for trolling LSU after one of the wildest college football games on opening weekend and LSU fans definitely felt some type of way about it.

Someone offered to shake the hands of his parents.

And then his dad actually showed up in the mentions.

Will LSU's opponents and biggest rivals use this video clip moving forward? Absolutely. Will LSU use this kid and all the other trolling, heckling, and jokes at their expense as bulletin board material?


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