I do believe it has rained at my house every day this year. That's not that bold of a statement to make when you consider the fact that it's only the third day of January. All kidding aside it does appear as if South Louisiana can expect more significant rainfall over the next 12 to 24 hours before the skies will eventually brighten.

Forecasters believe an additional two to three inches of rainfall across parts of Acadiana can't be ruled out during the day today. Some local areas might even see in excess of three inches of additional rainfall. Therefore a flood watch and several flood warnings have been issued for the area.

If you sneak a peek at the latest National Weather Service Radar scan from Lake Charles you can see where the heaviest rain is currently located.

The catalyst for the excessive rainfall is a low-pressure system centered just off the southeast Texas coast. This system is dragging moisture from the Gulf of Mexico across Louisiana where it is interacting with a frontal system. Forecasters believe the entire system should slowly move across the state, from west to east, over the course of today.

By this weekend skies will clear and temperatures will be decidedly cooler for Saturday and Sunday morning.

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