Here are five funny and inspirational stories to keep you uplifted during the lockdown.

It's a perfect Sunday to sit outside and enjoy cool temps and wall to wall sunshine. If one of the ways you relax is by perusing social media, though, you may find yourself getting anxious due to the abundance of negative stories and posts that some people share. Here are five news stories guaranteed to make you laugh and perhaps even inspire you to remember that good stuff is always happening even in the darkest of times.

1. British Man Dresses As Bush To Go Shopping: this is one of the funniest things I think I've ever seen. A man in Stevenage in the UK has taken to dressing as a bush to bypass the strict lockdown regulations in their area. You have to wonder if this guy was ever a secret agent or in some kind of Special Forces.

2. The Easter Bunny Visits Broussard Early: the Easter Bunny visited Broussard neighborhoods via golf cart to spread cheer.

3. Lafayette Bride - To - Be Gets Drive - By Wedding Shower: When Chelsey Duplechin's bridal shower was canceled, her twin sister Channing decided to improvise with a mini - parade of twenty cars that drove up to Chelsey's house to bring gifts and congratulations. Chelsey and her fiance will still marry in May but with a very small ceremony.

4. World War II Veteran Survives Coronavirus And Celebrates 104th Birthday: William Lapschies survived World War II and a bout of coronavirus just in time to celebrate his 104th birthday. Happy birthday, sir, and thank you for your service!

5. Disney World Employees Still Raise The Flag In Empty Park: Disney World President Josh D'Amaro has shared video of park personnel and security raising and saluting Old Glory despite the empty park.

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