While South Louisiana residents stayed glued to the local news regarding Hurricane Ida, other events were happening throughout the world.

One major event that I stumbled upon while scrolling through social media was a 20 story building fire in Milan, Italy.


These types of events have always intrigued me and left me with more questions than answers.

It is being reported that the fire started on the upper floors of the residential tower and then spread to the lower floors. The building is home to about 70 families and as of now all families are safe and no one is missing.

“The firemen are going from apartment to apartment, knocking down doors to make sure no one remains inside,” Milan mayor Giuseppe Sala said “But we are optimistic because people had time to get out,” he added.

Some are fearing that the building may collapse, due to the fact that the high temperatures could have melted the steel columns.

Prosecutors have launched an investigation into the 20 story fire to determine the cause of this tragic fire.

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