If you are someone who enjoys cold weather then this week is almost custom-made for you. Temperatures are going to be bitterly cold through Wednesday morning with a return to more spring-like conditions Thursday when the forecast calls for a high around 70 degrees.

By Friday night, our low temperature will be back at 26 degrees, and Saturday we will experience a low temperature that night at 28 degrees!

Whether we have to go to work we eventually get to travel home and find a way to cuddle up despite the brutal cold. Or, if you have plans to stay at home this weekend, we have some good suggestions for you.

Many of us may decide to turn to a warm cup of hot cocoa. It's a beverage that everyone in the family can enjoy and for mom and dad, they can spike it with something that is for adults only.

Do You Like to Spike Your Hot Chocolate?

When we started asking this question we immediately got several answers. I know from my own experience that Frangelico is a wonderful alcoholic beverage that pairs well with hot cocoa.

Rum Chata Is Tasty in Hot Cocoa

One friend swears that Rum Chata is a delicious combination for a hot cup of cocoa. If you're not familiar with Rum Chata the website describes their Caribbean rum as having Mexican spices blended with Wisconsin Cream!

It sounds like it would offer just the right kick of spices and smooth texture for you to curl up with on a cold night.

In addition to a recipe for your cocoa and Rum Chata, the cookin'chicks.com also has a recipe for your own homemade hot chocolate.

Frangelico Makes a Smooth Combination with Hot Cocoa

If you love the flavor of hazelnut, then you should consider blending in a little Frangelico into your favorite cup of hot chocolate. One gentlemen in our building not only will spike their hot cocoa with Frangelico, but he says it pairs well with coffee too.

This is one of people's favorite choices. Frangelico is also amazing when poured into a cup of coffee. While some people prefer Bailey's Irish Cream in the evenings, others say this is the perfect add-in for any coffee drink to spike it up.

The website describes the flavor as smooth without bitterness as the hazelnuts are grown in Italy. Give it a try because you will surprised at the excellent taste.

Disaronna Gives Your Hot Cocoa a Nutty Flavor

If you are into the flavor of almond, a good choice to blend in with hot chocolate is Disaronna Amaretto.

The almond-flavor liqueur offers a fun pop of flavor that mixes beautifully with the taste of the chocolate.

One of my friends sent me this recipe for Disaronna in hot chocolate, and I can't decide if this is beverage or scrumptious dessert, but who cares? We should all make this!

Hot Damn, Need We Say More?

Well, we can say that Dekuyper's Hot Damn Cinnamon Schnapps is a great add-in for your hot cocoa. Several of the ladies in our building say this is their favorite thing to add to hot chocolate.

Chocolate and cinnamon have long been a terrific duo, and with the addition of the cinnamon schnapps to your hot chocolate you'll feel warm all over.

If you click here, you'll have a quick, easy tutorial on making cinnamon hot chocolate and then just add your Hot Damn right into it. You'll have a quick recipe for the kids, and then you can pop the liqueur into your cup.

Bailey's Irish Cream Is a "No Brainer" for Hot Cocoa

What doesn't go well with Bailey's Irish Cream? The smooth, velvety nature of Bailey's Irish cream blends in easily with the other flavors in this spirit.

When you poor Bailey's into your cup of hot chocolate it will pair well with the whiskey along with the chocolate and vanilla flavors present in every bottle. Bailey's also has a new spirit, Bailey's Chocolate, which sounds like it too would pair well with your already chocolatey hot chocolate!

And, of course, who hasn't had Bailey's Irish Cream in their coffee. Add a shot whipped cream for a delightful treat. If it's in the evening, you can even add some vanilla ice cream for a purely decadent treat!

Bailey's has a quick video and recipe for their version of hot cocoa

These are the most popular responses that we received, but if you have one that you think surpasses all of these, be sure to share that with us in the "comments" section.

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