In Acadiana you'll find thousands of Cajun last names like Landry, Broussard, Hebert, LeBlanc, and many more. But, what do those Cajun Last Names actually mean?

Cajun Family
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Cajun Last Names

Cajun surnames always have great and interesting meanings but, we're so used to them we don't normally stop to think about what a Cajun French last name actually means.

For instance, the last name Benoit is traditionally a French Creole last name and it means “one who says the good”.

Did you know the Cajun last name Guidry actually comes from a French first name that means "Hunt"? If you have the last name of Guidry you might, but I certainly did know that until today.

I also find it really interesting how some of us kind of resemble what our last name means without even knowing it.

Take the last name, Broussard.

Broussard means "a man of the forest".


AOC Community Media via Facebook
AOC Community Media via Facebook


Our Buddy Marc Broussard certainly has a woodsy vibe going on, right in line with the meaning of his last name!

The folks over at have compiled a list of 50 Cajun last names, their origin, and what they mean. If you don't see your name below, definitely check out their site.

The Meaning and Origin of Cajun French Last Names

Breaux - Of French origin meaning "those trusted with immense responsibilities".

Touchet - Of Old French origin meaning "grove" or "thicket".

Hebert - Of German origin meaning “brilliant warrior”.

Landry - Of British origin and "signifies a powerful landlord".



Theriot - Of French origin meaning "God's gift".

Romero - Of Spanish origin meaning "someone on a religious journey".

Thibodeaux - Of French origin meaning "bold or brave".

Richard - Of German origin meaning "a strong ruler".

Bergeron - Of French origin meaning either "mountains" or "shepherds".

Jamie Bergeron, Facebook
Jamie Bergeron, Facebook


Arceneaux - Of French origin meaning “to love”.

Boudreaux - Of French origin and means "a leader of a group".

Benoit - Of French Creole origin signifying “one who says the good”.

Bourgeois - Of French origin meaning “middle class”. Boudreaux was once used to describe members of the Third Estate under Louis XVI’s regime.



Haydel - Of British origin, used to describe "someone who is attractive both inside and out".

Daigle - Of German origin meaning “of the eagle”.

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Romero - Of Spanish origin meaning "someone on a religious journey".

Fontenot - Of French origin meaning "spring" or "fountain".

Duplantis - Of French origin meaning "one who jumps high". I'm kidding, it means "someone who lives in a vineyard or plantation".

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Melancon - Of French origin meaning "the sick" or "infirmed man".

Trahan - Of French origin and the name represents a "silk worker".

Authement - Of French origin meaning “captain”.



Lapeyrouse - Of French origin meaning "someone who has come from a stony place".

Cormier - Of French origin and is a "topographic name for someone who lived near a sorb or service tree".

LeBlanc - Of French origin meaning "someone who is pale or has white hair".

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Barrois - Of Spanish origin meaning "proprietors of large villages or estates".

Domingue - Of Spanish origin signifying the "quality of dignity and integrity".

Champagne - Of French origin meaning "someone with a bubbly personality".

Delaune - Of French origin meaning "someone who lives near an Alder tree". The name Delaune is used to describe someone who is enlightened.

Fortier - Of French origin is used to describe "someone built like a fortress".

LeBoeuf - Of French origin “bull” and describes "powerfully built people".

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97.3 The Dawg Via YouTube


Gauthier - Of German origin meaning "army".

Gauthreaux - Of French origin meaning "someone in a position of power in the medieval French army".

Ledet -  Of French origin meaning “the dice”.

Labat - Of French origin meaning "Priest". It can also mean "someone who lives in a valley".

Faucheaux - Of French origin meaning "someone who mows lawns of the aristocrats".

Doucet - Of French origin used to describe "someone who is gentle natured, sweet and pleasant".

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Bordelon - Of Mediterranean French origin meaning "dweller on the farm".

Chiasson - Of French origin meaning "someone from Chiasso". Chiasso is a location on the border of Italy and Sweeden.

Barrilleaux - Of French origin meaning "someone for whom family is most important".

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