3 construction workers were killed and at least 1 injured yesterday at an oil company construction site in Houston.

According to the Houston Fire Department, a stairwell collapse that began between the 13th and 14th floors of the Marathon Oil building, which is under construction, is what caused the injuries and deaths.

KPRC is reporting that 13 flights of stairs crumbled down, and that officials have not yet deemed the site stable enough to retrieve the bodies. Holes are being cut in the roof of the building so a crane has access to the crumbled pieces of stairs. Once the larger pieces are removed and the site is deemed safe, rescue crews will be cleared to go in to retrieve the bodies of those killed.

If you recall, a collapse at the Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans while it was under construction killed 3 workers, and it took months for the site to be deemed safe enough to remove 2 of the bodies.

Let's hope that the families of the workers killed in this incident don't have to wait months for closure. Our thoughts are with them.

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