That's not a great way to spend a vacation.

A video from a few weeks back is still making its rounds on social media and it shows a huge brawl taking place in the water.

The altercation took place at Crab Island in Destin, Florida.

You can see a man and woman arguing and then the woman in the video below begins to hit the man in the face.

The man being assaulted by the woman holds back, but when another man approaches him he takes it out on the guy and begins to swing at him.

Some on a nearby boat jump in the water to break up the fight and you can hear people screaming in the background.


Crab Island is a favorite stop for many in Acadiana, and I hope that no one from here had to witness this childish behavior in the water.

Many families visit Crab Island while in Destin, and to know that a family with kids may have seen this is very disappointing.

Here's the video of the fight in the water, and we certainly hope their vacation ended on a better note. After all, it's expensive to visit the beach and for this to happen while on vacation can certainly ruin the fun.


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