Dari Nowkhah is apologizing after being the first to tell Joe Burrow of Carley McCord's death during a postgame interview on live television.

The tragic news that McCord was one of the five victims who died in a Lafayette plane crash broke just hours before the Tigers were set to face off against Oklahoma in the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl. McCord was a local sports reporter at WDSU and also the daughter-in-law of LSU offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger.

After LSU's big victory over the Sooners (a game that was still coached by Ensminger) Burrow stood with Nowkhah, Tim Tebow and Marcus Spears in a live post-game interview. You could tell that Burrow had no clue about the crash and was caught completely off guard with the tragic news.

Almost instantly, viewers took to social media to air their grievances. Many criticized the poor timing of the question while others said it was flat out inappropriate.

Nowkhah took to Twitter to apologize for the gaffe and seemed genuinely hurt about how the interview unfolded.

I obviously feel horrible to have been the one to have broken the news of Carley McCord’s passing to Joe, and have shared my apologies and sincere condolences with LSU. Our live interview with Joe was several hours after the news broke & was a major storyline of last night’s game. With that said, we shouldn’t have assumed he was aware, and that’s on us.

You can read the entire series of tweets here.

McCord and the rest of the passengers were headed to Atlanta for the Peach Bowl. She was 30 years old and married to Steven Ensminger's son, Steven Ensminger Jr.

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